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 Conference Programme 

MOLDEX India Conference 2026

Join industry luminaries, professionals, and stakeholders from around the world for a day of insights at the MOLDEX India International Conference. Focused on the pivotal moulding industry, a cornerstone in Indian and global manufacturing, this one-day conference delves into cutting-edge advancements, best practices, and strategic implementations shaping the future of manufacturing.

Theme: Moulding the Future: Technological Transformation and Future Outlook

Step into the MOLDEX India conference underscoring the transformative journey of India's manufacturing sector through the adoption of digital technologies. This theme highlights the pivotal role of innovation in moulding and tooling, propelling the industry towards unprecedented efficiency, precision, and sustainability.

We will explore advanced digital solutions such as AI, IoT, and automation in moulding and tooling processes. The conference aspires to set a visionary agenda for India's digital progression in the moulding and tooling landscape.

As we unite to push the boundaries of innovation, this conference promises to be a catalyst for global excellence.

Secure your place now to be part of this transformative event where digital prowess meets traditional craftsmanship, driving India towards a robust and competitive global presence.

For more information and to register as a delegate, please refer to the form attached or reach out to Aditi Malik at

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